The Collignon company was founded in 1947 by François Collignon who opens a demolition yard in Rotheux-Rimière. As there was not a large stock of vehicles at that time it was therefore essential to retrieve truck parts .

In 1956, as the construction of the Condroz road was finalized, François Collignon opens there a garage equipped with a gas station.

Due to the huge growth of the automobile market, the son of M. Collignon, Francis, his coach-builder title in hand, joins his father in the family garage.

In 1977, the Collignon company moves to the rue de l’Espoir, N° 34 in Grivegnée. Being much larger, the piece of land allows to store more goods. The company starts to demolish and sell cars.

In 1984, the Etablissements Collignon change into the Sprl Ets. F. Collignon. In 1996, the Sprl become a S.A. In 1977, the S.A. Collignon celebrate its 50 years experience.

In 1998, the S.A. Collignon change, its name and become the S.A. Collignon&Son..

In 2010 the firm has received certification center approved decommissioning and dépolution ELVs..

The company actually employes 14 people and buys more than 950 cars per year (average stock of 220 vehicles including about 190 damaged and 30 non-damaged). This represents a turnover of more than 138 billion BEF with a 2,5 billion BEF capital.

The principal activity of the S.A. Collignon is sales, to professionals and private, of damaged recent vehicles, as well as the sales of new or secondhand spare parts.